Welcome to Corks&Forks

Hello and welcome to Corks&Forks

Once upon a time, us ‘Corkies’ were a contented, happy bunch immersed in the world of restaurants, bars, hotels and pubs and everything that entailed. We loved the idea of going out to meet our friends in cool new places that had a real buzz. We revelled in the joy of experiencing a beautifully presented dish with flavours that exploded like fireworks of yumminess on the taste buds.

We were full of admiration for those that crafted such beautiful dishes and delighted in finding new and exciting flavour combos that we’d never have thought of! The real gastro geeks among us even went so far as to obsess over uncovering new and different pairings of food with wine!

Check out our ‘About us’ page to discover a little more about the team of Corkies and our pairing preferences.

Now, however, the landscape has shifted – We’re staying at home, living our lives virtually and we’re temporarily divided from one another. This will, no doubt, change and we will regain some of the glorious days of yore, but us Corkies are an impatient bunch and we yearned for those past gastro highs now.

We decided an outlet was needed to share our passion and accumulated knowledge around nosh and the liquid stuff. We wanted to try and help people achieve a fun feast experience at home that allowed them to recreate those ‘going out’ memories.

So we nattered to our mates, and then their mates, ….aaaaaand finally people we didn’t know, to ask them about food and wine pairing; whether they thought it was a ‘thing’ and would they want to learn more?

All these kind people then fed back to us (Sorry about the pun!) and said, “Give us something fun, something easy to understand that gives us a new and different experience for the thing we love the most: To eat”.

Take a peek at the favourite foods section to see what we have paired with your fave dishes and let us know what you think we’ve missed.

We went away, put our thinking caps on and came back with this -  Corks&Forks.

The place to buy wine that is going to go with your dinner, lunch, brunch…whatever! You search by the type of food you are planning to eat and we suggest the wine.

The wines we’ve selected are restaurant quality and offer a wide range of styles and flavours that run from the familiar, but better to the slightly different and utterly amazing!

Here’s my first top tip to get you started: Xeco (pronounced Seco) Fino Sherry. “Blah! Blah! Sherry is sweet, lives at the back of Grandma’s cupboard and only comes out on high days and holidays”.

Not So!

It comes in various styles - we have the ‘Fino’ style listed here - which champions the dry and slightly earthy category. The way it’s made means it is slightly higher in alcohol than still wine, it has a powerful, but savoury flavour and has not got that fresh zing you find on light and zippy wines. Yet it is a fabulous wine to have with food.

Try it with any kind of nibbles before dinner. Or grilled sardines. Or frankly, anything out of the ocean. The brand is owned by a trio of ladies that absolutely rock and are committed to sharing the sherry love across the land! Expect to see more of them. Check out the cool video on their website.


We’ll have loads of offers on wine pairings that relate to what you might be eating at any one time -whether it’s seasonal fare or if it just so happens to be ‘World Winkle Day’. Whether it’s just a sprinkle, or a ‘drink all’ with your winkle, we want you, our Forkies to get the best match possible.

Tell us what you think about our suggestions, share with friends and let’s go on this foodie/winey road trip together!

See you around Forkies!

Corky Meister