Who invented it and why did it become an icon? Why would you drink wine with it instead of beer?


The Hamburger, food of legends, fave food for most!  Is this our most iconic meal?…………………. it’s got to be.   

Whilst prepping the burgers for the barbie, the question on who invented it was raised, followed quickly by those wonderful words … beer, mate?

On this occasion the response was, “No, lets crack open the Rosé instead”.

What a great idea. On this occasion, it was a far better choice than a beer. The wine was fresh, juicy and clean,  the bottle of  Not Your Grandma's Rosé was quickly demolished whilst we pondered who invented the burger and where it came from? 

The name “hamburger” not surprisingly originates from the German seaport city of Hamburg; rumour has it that seafarers from Hamburg traded with the Baltic provinces and brought back the idea of shredded beef (today known as tartare) to the city.

But who invented this simple dish is a little more complex as there a numerous claimants between 1885 - 1904?  The most likely inventor however appears to be Louis Lassen from New Haven, Connecticut in 1900.  The story revolves around a businessman rushing into Louis Lunch - a small New Haven eatery - asking for something that could be made quickly and eaten on the go. Without thinking, Louis put some grilled ground steak between slices of toast and hey presto!,  the first hamburger was born.

Giving tenuous gravitas to this simple story is the fact that the Library of Congress recognizes it as the official birthplace of the hamburger. Pretty much nailing Louis as the lead claimant.

Now, why is wine better than beer with the burger?……….it’s got to be taste! Having demolished the rose whilst we slapped the burgers on coals, we quickly decided on a red to follow and opened a bottle of Chateau Ste Michelle Cabernet Sauvignon

Just delicious! A silky smooth finish that just lingers with blackcurrant and plum on the palate.

All in all, a good evening and, as they say, every day is a school day! We discovered who allegedly invented the burger and answered to ourselves (after seeing off a few bottles) why wine is much better than beer with a burger.

And why is a burger iconic?………………….it just is.