About Us

The gang at CorksandForks are just the same as you really. We absolutely adore food and wine, whether it’s bringing the ultimate restaurant experience back home to impress our friends or having cosy ‘take-away’ nights in with loved ones.

Our passion is fab food and our collective backgrounds are working with the ‘liquid stuff’, so blending the two together and being able to share some fun food and wine pairing tips we’ve picked up along the way, seemed as obvious to us as Fish and Chips (with Prosecco!).

We reckon there’s far too much pompous advice out there, so our recipe is just to keep things simple – We’ll help to deliver a fun-filled feast experience direct to your front door.  You cover the food, we’ll supply the mood!

 Tom AvatarTom

My earliest food memory is being told off for eating everyone else’s Easter eggs and chocolate nests at Nursery school, and it goes some way to explaining why I never quite made it as the professional tennis player I’d always wanted to be. I’m colour blind, but certainly not when it comes to Bacon sandwiches – it’s brown all the way – if it’s red, you’re a monster! I also have a very real phobia of cheese – it’s the devil’s work.

 Cara Avatar Cara

My dream food destination has to be Mexico - ANYWHERE and ALL of it. All the tlayuda, mole, tacos al pastor, chiles en nogada, pozole verde…..drool drool drool!

I’m defo a ranty Ramsay in the kitchen and I hate people hovering over my shoulder and ‘helping’, even though I CLEARLY need the advice. I’m an eater, not a cooker, so sadly there have been many disasters. The one that sticks out is serving a gravy in a boat that hadn’t been rinsed out properly after a wash. Yummy soapy gravy all over the roast dinner, completely ruining the whole meal.

 Marek AvatarMarek

My earliest vivid food memory is Spit roast lamb for Easter Sunday when I was about 6, dining under an Acacia tree overlooking a Rift Valley lake in Ethiopia and being hosted by a jovial Italian family. Can’t think why it stuck in my head. I think that early Italian connection has also influenced my cooking style – I’m such a ranter in the Kitchen and get mega stressed when serving up. I don’t know whether I’m eager to get stuck in or show off to my guests.

Here’s my top pairing tip - our Seresin Estate Organic Chardonnay with Fillet steak. I’m not going to get technical….just stop whining about how you don’t like Chardonnay and try it. Awesome!

 Fiona AvatarFiona

Narrowing down my favourite food to just one dish is really tough, pretty much impossible. So I guess I would enjoy a juicy steak cooked rare with some crab’s legs, just top quality ingredients, with the Machherndl Gruner Veltliner, such a great all-rounder food wine! 

If I could live where I can eat….Italy would be food heaven for me, and Massimo Bouttura’s Osteria Francescana is high on my bucket list.  An Italian food mecca!

Pierre Avatar Pierre (Mais je suis Anglais)

My earliest foodie memory was eating frogs legs soaked in garlic butter, when I was about 6 visiting family friends near Avignon….. I’m aware this probably doesn’t help me convince people of my UK citizenship.

My favourite food is the mighty burger - it’s so versatile. If you don’t cook it, you have steak tartare, which I love and when it is cooked (ideally rare) with the right fillings, I'm in heaven. Starter and Main sorted!

Oh, in case you’re interested, Sea Urchin is the most vile thing to have ever crossed my palate and I would go to the ends of the earth, by foot if necessary, to avoid having to taste it ever again.

 Jordan Avatar Jordan

If I could be any food, it would be curry. I am obsessed with it. I can’t wait to go back to Malaysia again too. The Asian fusion food there is just incredible.

Food and wine pairing-wise, Tokaji & Blue Cheese was my first revelation. Now I really look for sweet and savoury/salty combinations. And my take on the bacon sandwich debate .... Both sauces, obviously! It’s such a great combo!

 Joel AvatarJoel

I tend to be quite precise and well-oiled in the kitchen – A sort of Keith Floyd/Spock hybrid. This Summer, you’ll find me eating our Gavi di Gavi with Fish and Chips, or if I can get to the sunnier climes of Andalucia, Tortillitas de Camarones with an ice-cold glass of Manzanilla. Sherry shouldn’t just be for ‘Grandma’. Lastly, a word of advice -  don’t ask me to cook you a pizza on the BBQ – What a disaster that was!